David Rowland, MA, DVM

Don’t mistake – vaccinations and screening tests are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. But when your pet comes in for a wellness checkup, a good physical exam and consultation are by far the most important services we offer. Here are just a few reasons why regular exams are vital:

  • Pets can’t tell us something is wrong. Signs of many health problems are mild to absent. With a good physical and history we regularly identify issues without obvious signs, ranging from dental problems, to arthritis, to early kidney disease and more.
  • Pets hide disease. In the wild, getting sick often means becoming lunch. Less domesticated pets like exotics and cats are adept at hiding signs of disease.
  • The hole in this tooth is almost invisible!

    The hole in this tooth is almost invisible!

  • Resorptive lesion in a cat
  • The hole in this tooth is almost invisible! (see image)
  • Owners miss signs of disease. I’m always amazed at how observant many clients are when it comes to picking up subtle changes in their pet. That said, many signs of disease are far from obvious, making our years of veterinary training and experience invaluable.

    But regular wellness care is not just about finding problems – most importantly, it’s about keeping pets healthy. That’s why the time spent consulting with your vet and their staff during a checkup is so important:

  • Get answers to your questions tailored to your pet. Yes, we live in the age of Google. But the internet doesn’t know you or your pet, and it can’t clarify your question or ask you the right questions to get you the right answers. We can.
  • Learn about new pet knowledge. Thousands of people are out there researching every aspect of pet health. We keep up so we can keep you up, and make sure your family benefits from the best knowledge available.
  • Build a relationship. It’s the least obvious, least tangible, and arguably the most important part of regular veterinary care. We truly hope it doesn’t happen, but there’s a good chance one day you will bring your pet in for a serious problem. Regular veterinary visits build a relationship of trust with your vet and their staff for you and your pet, meaning less stress for both of you if and when that time comes.
  • We want to make sure you and your pet get the most value from each checkup, and we encourage you to take a moment before each visit to write down questions, as well as changes in your pet’s behavior or lifestyle.